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Short Film Viewing: The Third Day

Easter Sunday witness the stage and film production of The Emmaus Road.

Written, Directed and Produced: by Teharah J.

Production & Set Design: Lisa Sacarri

Date: 4/21/19 Sunday  Time: 10:30AM 

Location: House Of Hope  752 E. 114th St., Chicago, Il 60628

About Ms. Lisa Sacarri

Lisa's a reputable Mixed Media Artist, Production Designer & Set Designer in the Chicago land area. This charismatic artist is a Columbia College Chicago alumni who specializes in CORPORATE AND CUSTOM PAINTINGS. She's known for her Professional Work Ethic, ambient Film Set Design, Vibrant Paintings & Eclectic Decor. Lisa's Art & Set Design work is credited on IMDB, published in Films, TV & Media outlets as well. 

“My paintings typically derive from my dreams, fantasies, genealogical lineage or melting pot of influences that intrigue me visually. My spirit dances in rhythm as I pour into my canvas. By the time I awake from the creative ride hours would've flown by, I love it" – Lisa Sacarri.